RareX offered a limited number of bursaries for the RareX 2018 Conference. The bursaries were intended to support individuals who would not otherwise be able to meet the registration fee required to attend the conference. The amount of financial support that was awarded was dependent upon the success of the conference fundraising efforts.

Bursary applications were accepted until 31 May 2018. No further applications were accepted after this date.

How does one apply?
By completing the online application form by 31 May 2018.

On the form you will need to give a 300 word motivation. This motivation needs to give a detailed explanation of (1) why you wish to attend RareX 2018, (2) the contribution that you believe your attendance will make to the conference and to your affiliated institution/organisation/community, and (3) why you require financial assistance to attend the conference.

What does the support include?
Complimentary registration. All travel and accommodation expenses remain the responsibility of the bursary recipient.

Important dates

  • Applications open: April 2018
  • Applications close: 31 May 2018
  • Applicants notified: June 2018
  • Registration deadline for bursary recipients: 13 July 2018

On what will the Bursary Panel base its decisions?
Applicants will be evaluated on individual merit of their applications.
Successful bursary applicants will be given a registration code to use in the online registration system and must register using this code by 13 July 2018 or forfeit their bursary.

Terms and conditions
1. The submission of a bursary application represents no guarantee that funding will be given.
2. The award of a bursary will be conditional upon the recipient:
• Motivating that they require financial assistance to attend the conference.
• Attending the full conference.
• Ensuring they can meet all the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the conference.
3. Bursaries will take the form of discounted or waived registration fees only. No cash will be disbursed.
4. The bursary recipient must register using the discount code provided by the Conference Secretariat by 13 July 2018 or they will forfeit their bursary.