Uma Ramaswami

Uma Ramaswami


Uma Ramaswami is a Consultant in Inherited Metabolic Disorders based at the Lysosomal Disorders Unit (LSDU) at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

Uma is the Clinical Lead for the LSDU at Royal Free Hospital and the National Clinical Lead for the UK Paediatric Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Register.

She is actively involved in transition services for young patients with inherited metabolic disorders from paediatric to adult centres. Uma is interested in utilising technology such as telecommunication and apps to monitor and improve health care.

Uma is a passionate faculty member involved in many inherited metabolic disorders educational and training initiatives in developing countries.

Uma’s research interest is mostly related to clinical research relating to understanding of the natural history and disease progression of metabolic disorders; and she is involved in a number of clinical trials in Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

She has many peer reviewed publications on inherited metabolic disorders, written book chapters for inherited metabolic disorders, she is a communicating editor for the journal of inherited metabolic disorders and peer reviews manuscripts for several metabolic journals.

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