Maryke Schoonen

Maryke Schoonen


Maryke Schoonen obtained her B.Sc. honours degree from the North-West University (2012) and is currently enrolled for the degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biochemistry at the North-West University.

Her research interests focus on mitochondrial diseases, a group of heterogeneous disorders that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell fail to produce sufficient energy for normal cell/organ function to sustain life. She has a particular interest in the genetics of these disorders, focusing on African haplotypes. To date, she has developed a bioinformatics pipeline specifically aimed at rare disease next-generation sequencing datasets for African population groups.

Maryke is also a qualified data and software carpentry instructor and is actively involved with teaching basic lab skills for research computing to other post-graduate students.

In her spare time, Maryke is an enthusiast photographer that enjoys wildlife as well as fine art photography.

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