Gabi Lowe

Gabi Lowe


Gabi Lowe; mother of the late Jenna Lowe and Director of The Jenna Lowe Trust; is a professional Life Coach; speaker, facilitator and founder of The Coaching Nest.

Gabi graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1984 and worked in publishing and media for many years before joining a well-known South African retailer. In 1997 Gabi launched Upfront Marketing, a bespoke Media and Marketing Consultancy that delivered media and marketing services to many well-known South African brands for over 18 years.

In 2012 a dramatic change of personal circumstances threw Gabi into the challenging landscape of Rare Diseases when her eldest daughter, then 17-year-old Jenna Lowe, was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening illness called Pulmonary Hypertension. The Lowe family are well-known in SA for campaigning widely for social awareness for this rare condition as well as for Organ Donation in SA. The extraordinary journey that they fought for 4 years as well as Jenna’s #Getmeto21 campaign saw Jenna being recognised as SA’s Youth Hero of the Year in 2015.

Following the heart wrenching loss Jenna, just twenty years old,  in 2015, Gabi and her family founded Public Benefit Organisation, The Jenna Lowe Trust.

The Trust continues Jenna’s incredible legacy to improve circumstances for other PH patients in SA, as well as continue to drive awareness for those awaiting organ donation.



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